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Every neighborhood needs a quality thrift shop to promote sustainability, accessibility and community autonomy. Thrifting not only keeps things out of landfills and allows folks to access goods at affordable prices, but it is a hyper-local business fueled by the neighborhood it serves.

We want to make sure Rummagers can get their unwanted goods into good hands, shop housewares, clothing and more at a great price, and feel great about supporting a business that prioritizes the needs of their own community.

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We’re passionate about fostering curiosity and creativity through thrift! There is so much exploration and expression inherently involved in giving old things new life; in picking out treasures, curating collections, styling your home or wardrobe, discovering stories, upcycling or repurposing.

Beyond that, it is a priority for us to use the spaces and resources we have to help creators of all kinds to thrive via in-store artist pop-ups, crafty community events, thrift-themed photoshoots, collaborations, resource sharing, and more.


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Locally-owned businesses and spaces help communities thrive. We are so proud to be able to create a welcoming space, foster connections and provide job, volunteer and collaboration opportunities.


Financially inaccessible neighborhoods, such as Kitsilano, can be extremely difficult for ‘the little guys’ to stay present in, but we think that makes it even more important to persist and innovate in order to keep Rummaging! We are eager to apply our urban planning passion and expertise to continue exploring approaches and solutions for small businesses like ours to serve the communities that need them.

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Angela (Hook) Bailey was a mother of more than her own daughter, Kyra; lover of the spirit of secondhand; advocate of accessible art; builder of communities; upcycler, thrifter, artist, author, designer, dreamer, and the creator of the brand “Rummage”.


Inspired by the thrill of a Saturday tour to thrift stores, garage sales, vintage shops, and other second-hand spots (with a coffee in hand) - Angie crafted a RUMMAGE board game and magazine for an art school project, which was left to her daughter as part of her legacy when she lost her short but courageous battle with cancer in 2020 at the age of 51. 


While Angie wasn’t Zoe’s biological mother, she was always a warm and welcoming creator of safe space for Zoe and many others to be curious, craft, create, and collaborate.


Thus, Zoe created RUMMAGE Thrift Shop in her honour and memory, as a way of carrying on her legacy by creating similar safe and inspiring spaces for others in her own community.




Architect/Urban Planner turned Thrifting Startup Founder - Zoe is an avid rummager and creator of community spaces. After spending a decade getting her BA in Urban Studies, Masters in Landscape Architecture, and hustling as an architect, Zoe realized that the path to her passion for creating inclusive, sustainable spaces wasn’t through building buildings - it was being on the ground, talking to folks, rummaging through tonnes of secondhand stuff, and most importantly - supporting her local community. Whether you’re a well-loved sweater or a person in need, Zoe will see you sparkling in the rough and help you realize your true value, purpose, and sense of belonging at RUMMAGE.


Zoe Rummage Thrift Store founder
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